Tony Stewart engages his audiences with the P.R.O. platform. This message is more than being a professional athlete. It is about how to “BE A P.R.O.” at the details of life through Preparation, Responsibility and Opportunity.

Tony equips audiences with practical tools of leadership, character, team building and the importance of a strong value system to overcome the challenges of high demand and high stress of life.

Being a PRO as a husband, father, student, professional athlete and business leader – Tony continues to develop his personal mastery of the PRO platform he delivers to thousands every year.


Tony grew up on the sports fields of Allentown, PA. His passion for being the best at what he did gave him the honor of being a high school All – American. His collegiate career at Penn State University enabled him to earn a college degree and be drafted to his favorite childhood team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tony’s 10-year NFL career was highlighted by being a NFL Players Association Representative, nominated for the NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year award and being a team captain for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders.

He currently is an NFL Ambassador and Transition Coach serving current and former NFL players in the areas of conflict resolution, suicide risk evaluation, “Mental Health First Aid” and career transition.


Since his time in the NFL, Tony Stewart has been recognized as a leader in the business and local community. Tony was appointed as a NFL Players Union Representative for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders. He has been involved in the negotiation of two successful Collective Bargaining Agreements between the NFL and its players.

Tony is a lifelong learner and continues his education by attending the Executive education programs through Wharton School of Business and Stanford Business School. He has been a repeat speaker at MBA programs such as UC Davis Executive MBA program.

In 2014, Tony Stewart was recognized as the Inaugural John C. Maxwell Leadership Award winner for his work with his grass roots youth organization, Beyond the Locker, and his work as a lead consultant for the NFL in the areas of leadership and character development.


The driving force behind Tony Stewart’s passion for youth was birthed out of personal experience. Tony believes that he owes a large part of his success to those who poured into his life as a young person. He’s had mentors in his life at an early age and even to this day.

Tony served youth in communities across the country with the Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders. He was a volunteer for Eagles youth partnership, mentored students as part of a Math, Science and Engineering Program in Cincinnati and started his own youth organization after his time with the Oakland Raiders.

Tony Stewart runs NFL Play 60 events in communities across the Bay Area. His non-profit organization develops high school leaders in the areas of Communication, Leadership and Character Development. In 2014, was recognized as the Inaugural John C. Maxwell Leadership Award winner for his work Beyond the Locker.


Married for over twelve years and a father of four children, Tony Stewart knows the challenges men face working to be successful in the workplace and at home. He knows the importance of having core values to help a man make wise decisions for himself and his loved ones.

Living as a man of integrity can be a challenge that every man faces living in our demanding world. He believes that living a life with intention and authenticity is a powerful way to be happy and successful.

Tony has a group of mentors and friends in his life that encourage him along the journey. He is vulnerable with his thoughts and experiences to help others know that we all go through similar challenges. No man should go through life in isolation, “Iron Sharpens Iron As One Man Sharpens Another”.


Engaging and empowering audiences with tools of high performance in order to live
with intention and authenticity while making the biggest impact in life.

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